The nationally recognised TAE 40116 Cert IV Training and Assessment is a nationally recognised qualification for those working in the training industry. This qualification was introduced as part of a wider effort by the Government to improve training standards in the training sector. The certificate was created to provide employers with a flexible, affordable and highly effective training option. It is because the level of competency that can be achieved through this qualification is high.

cert iv training and assessmentThis qualification has been designed to ensure that employers do not have to a spend long time training their staff. TAE 40116 can be obtained after completion of a relevant approved TAFE approved course. Students may choose to apply for the course fees directly from the course provider, or they may apply to an approved training provider like To be accepted into the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, applicants should have achieved at least part-time fluency in the English language.

It is important to note that the certificate does not immediately become trainers in the vocational education and training (vet) sector. To become a qualified trainer in the sector, participants need to achieve at least a diploma level or the equivalent in a relevant subject matter area. The level of success participants achieve in achieving their objectives while undertaking the course is dependent on the level of the students’ competencies.

The TAE offers learners two options to complete their program; full or partial courses. The certificate program consists of one or two modules that can be completed over four years. Students will achieve competency within their first year. Upon successful completion of the program, learners will be awarded a Cert IV Training and Assessment. The certificate can then be used as a stepping stone to achieving a further qualification or registration.

There are several assessment activities involved in TAE 40116. An assessment test will gauge the learner’s progress throughout the program. Students will be assessed on reading, writing, listening, understanding, and speaking and on their occupational and communication skills. To receive the certificate, learners will need to pass the assessment activities successfully.

The Cert IV Training and Assessment helps provide individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to recognise and understand job roles and responsibilities. It develops the reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills required in an everyday working environment. Those who enrol in the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment can take the exam after passing the initial examination. The exam covers key areas that employers look for in potential employees. By enrolling in a TAE, learners will be able to build and develop their job-based literacy skills and enjoy career opportunities in many sectors of the job market, including: