The Clever Curl cleanser from Hair Gang is a unique combination of ingredients that will effectively cleanse your coarse, curly hair without excess lather or strong soaps. This is also silicone, sulphate, & paraben-free formula. It’s safe for colour treated and shampoo-less hair, and it’s infused with aloe, mint, and Vitamin E for nourishing conditioning and protection.

Using the curl cleanser will restore your beautiful locks and improve the health of your scalp. Our most common hair problems are due to the lack of healthy nutrients, namely, A, B, C, & E. These three essential oils provide your follicles with vital vitamins and minerals essential for healthy, shiny, and vibrant curls. In addition, the cleanser will help remove clogged oil trapped in your scalp and thinning portions.

Dry and curly hair can be prevented by using the curl cleanser regularly, and it should be used as often as necessary to improve hair health. Shampooing is not required when using the curl cleanser, and the cleanser leaves your scalp feeling clean and refreshed without over-scaling, greasy build-up, or washing away essential oils that replenish your hair and condition it.

When you wash away the lustre and shine of chemically treated products, you strip your hair of natural oil. To keep your tresses supple and shiny, it’s important to rinse thoroughly and apply curl cleansing cream after each shampoo. The curl cleanser is formulated to cleanse without stripping your curls of their natural moisture. There are no chemicals or harmful ingredients used in the formulation, and the ingredients are tested and safe to use on human and pet hair.

The Clever Curl cleanser from Hair Gang contains Shea butter, an all-natural emollient that leaves your scalp nourished and moisturized. Keratin is another natural ingredient found in Shea butter that helps restore the natural moisture balance of your hair, and it soothes dryness and provides protection from the sun’s damage. In addition, essential fatty acids found in plants such as macadamia, grapeseed, and avocado, help your scalp maintain its natural oil balance. These oils not only provide nourishment, but they also help fight frizz and provide body to your tresses.

The FDA does not approve the use of sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) as a hair cleanser, but many shampoo manufacturers include this ingredient. The ingredient is an emollient, meaning it removes excess oil without stripping natural oils from your locks. Sodium lauryl sulphate also gives hair a “cough” or lather. But, if the SLS is included in a shampoo, it strips your locks of their natural moisture, which results in dead, brittle hair that will not shine as well.

When I was looking for a curl cleanser, I went with a brand I had read about on the Internet. But, it did not disappoint. The curl cleanser had excellent ingredients, and it gave my hair more body and bounce than other brands. The review stating that this product was the go-to cleanser for curly hair was spot on. I would recommend this shampoo to anyone who has frizzy, curly hair.

If you have fine, wavy, or curly hair, you know that your stylist often has a difficult time keeping your tresses in great shape. As a result, it can be hard to get that shiny head of hair that you dream of. But, using a good routine shampoo is the easiest way to ensure that your tresses are properly cared for. My review that this product works as a good routine shampoo for fine, wavy, or curly hair was spot on.