The latest trends in kitchen design are sleek, clean and modern. Smooth stone countertops and sleek appliances are the hallmarks of modern kitchens. Similarly, the look should be clean and clutter-free. To achieve modern kitchen design, you should avoid a few things. Here are a few tips. Listed below are some of the most common mistakes to avoid in modern kitchens:

modern kitchens AdelaideWhen designing your kitchen, consider the elements that make or break a modern space. These elements include functionality, an uncluttered look, and a high-contrast colour scheme. Keep in mind that these elements aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. For example, a white kitchen can incorporate black accents, while a wooden backsplash adds warmth. Use an oversized stainless steel tubular light fixture for maximum impact and paint the walls black to complement the white cabinets. Other options include installing custom shelves to display your white chinaware or doubling as a dining table.


When designing your modern kitchens Adelaide, consider the use of space. There are five critical areas in the kitchen: prep, consumable, storage and cooking zones. Think about how you use the space every day. Imagine having an armful of groceries and moving to the consumable zone. What happens when you want to do all of those things? Think about these five areas when designing your functional modern kitchen. Here are some examples of their functions:


In recent years, sleek modern kitchens Adelaide have become a popular design trend, and this trend is here to stay. Modern kitchens with clean lines evoke the aesthetic of a commercial kitchen, with stainless steel appliances, a gourmet oven, and a white colour scheme. These features make the space look surgically clean. But more people are starting to opt for a more rustic look, with wood floors, reclaimed wood furniture, and decor that shows personality.


Modern kitchens are designed to be functional yet also stylish. A kitchen island can create more space, but it also sacrifices storage. However, avoid in the kitchen design is visually appealing and helps to maximize harmony. So, consider making it more open instead of adding a bunch of clutter to the countertop. It will help keep everything out of sight while still giving you easy access to what you need. Here are some tips for creating a modern kitchen island:

High-contrast colour scheme

If your home is modern, you may be looking for a high-contrast colour scheme for your kitchen. Contrasting white and black is a classic combination that has a timeless appeal. A dark-stained island and a glazed backsplash are simple ways to add colour to your space. Use a soft organic accent piece to offset the two colours’ contrast for a more dramatic look. A metallic accent adds a subtle touch of sophistication to the otherwise-drab white cabinets.

Sliding countertop

A slide-out countertop allows the owner to easily access and change the countertop while cooking. Its sleek design allows it to fit into any kitchen and save space while still aesthetically pleasing. The Verve kitchen, for example, features a sliding countertop that slides away from the kitchen island to reveal a stainless steel worktop and sink. In addition, it can double as a bar or dining table when needed. Modern kitchens with sliding countertops have many benefits, so consider the options when designing your space.

Glass top display case

A display cabinet is a standard fixture in living rooms. However, today’s display furniture has been making its way into kitchens. Many of today’s kitchens have unique features that would otherwise be hidden behind opaque cabinet fronts. Because glass is an incredibly versatile material, you can find a display case to suit your needs in your kitchen. Here are a few examples of the best options.

Concrete floors

Contemporary kitchens are often paired with concrete floors to create a striking contrast. In the same way that poured concrete can resemble rough stone, this material retains heat during the day and releases it slowly at night. Its passive heating property makes it an excellent option for homes with high power bills, while a contrasting rug adds visual warmth. However, while concrete floors are a striking choice for contemporary kitchens, they are not the most practical solution for small kitchens.