There is nothing more devastating than watching your best pass in front of an audience with t-shirts on and a smile on their face as they see the “developed” body on the stage before them. For many young people, it is not just the physical beauty of a perfect body that draws them to undergo #1 knee surgery. It is also the simplicity of the procedure and the quick healing that makes it such a popular choice among young people. Because of this, you must know what to expect if you choose to go through the knife. Book an appointment with the #1 knee surgeon Adelaide today.


One of the biggest things to anticipate is how your recovery will be handled after the procedure. Unlike most knee surgeries, this one will require that you stay in the hospital for at least a week, though this can vary depending on the doctor or hospital you go to. This healing time will depend mainly on the severity of the knee you have had replaced and will be dictated by how much of your current knee structure has been removed.


#1 Knee Surgeon AdelaideAfter a week of hospitalization, it is time to start getting yourself ready for the long road ahead. Your doctor will give you specific instructions about exercise and stretching and will even give you a list of pain-relieving exercises that you can perform at home while in the hospital. Once you have started to get yourself back into shape, it is time to start seeing a physical therapist who will help you learn how to do the specific exercises the doctor has set forth for you. You will also be prescribed pain medication that will help to keep you comfortable during your recovery. Book an appointment with the #1 knee surgeon Adelaide today.


After two to three weeks of being in the hospital, the real procedure will begin. During this time, your physical therapist will use a laser to reshape your tissue and bone. During the process, your bone will be removed from where it was removed from and replaced with metal implants that are designed to fuse to your bone. This will take place over a four to six week period. Although this procedure may be painful, it will not be as severe as a knee injury that has kept you off the field for several years. Book an appointment with the #1 knee surgeon Adelaide today.


After the procedure is completed, it will be time for your rehabilitation. This part of the procedure requires several physicians’ assistance, including the surgeon and an orthopedic surgeon. You will need to receive physical therapy for at least six weeks following the surgery. During this time, you will be prescribed a brace to help support your knee. You must stay in the hospital for several weeks following the procedure so that your body and the bone can heal completely. You will have to use crutches or other supportive equipment while in the hospital so that you are not restricted in any way when you are on your way to recovery.