Podiatry is an exciting line of profession that not many people have heard about. Many people know it when they see a foot specialist such as an orthodontist. Other podiatry practices are located in cities worldwide, such as New York and San Francisco. They specialize in treating the foot, ankle, and lower leg conditions that usually affect a person in their lifetime.


The podiatry practice that I am referring to is podiatry Adelaide. It is where podiatrists or orthodontists can help patients with various conditions of the foot and ankle. Some of the common ailments are plantar fasciitis, corns and calluses, hammertoe and bursitis. The common way podiatrists treat these ailments is through manual therapy, including orthotics and corrective shoes.


In this article, I want to share information on podiatry Adelaide, including the various podiatry practices located in the city. As per the ACN (formerly Australian National Podiatric Network), more than 100 podiatry practices are situated in Adelaide. These podiatry clinics are primarily located in the main areas such as Adelaide, Burleigh Heads, Cairns, Laverton, Kingsford Smith, Marbella, Marsfield, Norwood, Palm Valley, Pine Rivers, and the West Lakes region. All these podiatry practices provide excellent foot care services to patients suffering from various foot-related ailments.


Much reputable podiatry Adelaide offers a full range of foot care services such as dry needling, foot scans, arthroscopy, heel lifts and podiatrist foot services. Dry needling is a standard procedure where a podiatrist gently inserts a tiny needle through the skin into the joint to remove small amounts of bone manually. This procedure reduces the pain and inflammation in the region and eases discomfort. Foot scans help detect various bone conditions such as stress fractures, calcinosis, metatarsal fractures and hallux Limitus. An arthroscopic procedure known as arthroscopic galvanoplasty (ALCP) helps correct the alignment of bones in the foot. It involves the generation of a long thread of bone tissue between the ankle and toes for superior flat foot straightening.


Apart from providing complete diabetes management, podiatry clinics in Adelaide also offer other services such as orthopedic surgery, joint replacement and minor surgeries. Orthopedic surgery is considered the best option for people with severe foot disorders such as congenital disabilities, back and knee pain, nerve root problems, and foot pain. The joint orthopedic surgery offered by most of the reputable podiatry clinics in Adelaide includes spinal cord repositioning, fusion foot or bunion replacement surgery, total knee replacement surgery, and laminectomy surgery. Well-trained professionals do these procedures to give 100% post-operative care.


Another specialty of this profession is treating tendonitis, corns and calluses. A podiatrist treats plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and heel spur syndrome, flat feet, hammertoes and bunions with a series of foot care treatments and various techniques such as dry needling, cortisone injections, heel lifts and bunionettes. Thorough foot care and podiatry program should be followed by patients for effective management of their foot disorders. Foot sprains and strains are managed by providing post-operative support, icing and rest. Foot trauma and other injuries requiring surgical intervention are referred to a specialist such as orthopedic surgeons.