For several years that had past, weighted blankets have become one of the most popular therapy products in the health and fitness industry. They are used as a back massage, shoulder support, a weight loss solution, and even as an active physical therapy product. Before you dismiss them as an unusual treatment option, consider some of the many health benefits they offer and the reasons why they have become so popular.

Back Massage

Know that weighted blanket therapy can provide long-lasting relief from tension, pain, and soreness in the muscles and spine of the back. Many users report that they find this to be one of the best uses of the weighted blanket. Not only does it offer the physical and mental relaxation, but it also prevents muscle spasms and sharp aches that often accompany spine problems.

Shoulder Support

With several models available, a therapy blanket is also designed to help patients relieve the stress on their shoulders. Sometimes referred to as “torso crutches,” these blankets can help patients avoid unnecessary strain and discomfort in their arms and shoulders. They are also helpful in assisting patients who have trouble lifting heavy objects, such as barbells or medicine bottles. While not all patients use these blankets to support their shoulders, they are a great way to prevent the development of painful injuries that may occur if they lift something incorrectly.

Weight Loss

Some research has shown that these blankets can help those who are overweight gain more than four pounds of muscle mass over a year. For this reason, these products are being increasingly popular in the weight loss community. However, studies suggest that the muscle that is gained can easily be lost through diet and exercise. Plus, with the many health benefits of these blankets, they are certainly worth a try for anyone interested in improving their overall health.

Active Therapy

While not as well known as other types of therapy products, therapy blankets are gaining in popularity for their abilities to serve as active therapy and physical therapy. For example, the “miracle workout” technique that allows weighted blankets to serve as a useful exercise tool has been well documented. With this technique, an individual can achieve fitness and conditioning goals while using a weighted blanket to aid in physical therapy sessions.

Many therapists claim that a weighted blanket provides the same effect of a therapeutic massage, but without the added pain. Because the blankets are designed to act as a backrest while a patient receives therapy, they can provide a soothing sensation and relief from muscle tension and soreness.

In addition to the health benefits, some users have reported great success with these therapy blankets by only using them while exercising. Most of the various uses of these products have come about because of the addition of cardio conditioning and strength training workouts. If you are considering these products as a supplement to regular exercise, make sure that you consult your doctor to be sure that you are ready for the added stress of exercise.

Many users have reported finding great relief and pain relief from these blankets when they need to rest after an injury or another stressful event. Some users have found that these devices can help ease muscle spasms after some severe sports injuries. It has also helped them feel better during surgery and after major surgeries.

While there are many health benefits associated with weighted blanket therapy, there are also some health concerns that should be considered before attempting to use one. The most important one is that the blanket should never be used as a replacement for adequate rest and exercise. While it may help an individual to receive relief from stress, it should never be used as a replacement for a proper warm-up and stretching routine.

While many exercise therapists report excellent results with the therapy blanket when used as part of a therapy program, if it is used in isolation, it may not provide the health benefits it was intended for. Some users also report problems with redness and discomfort, as well as the loss of circulation when they use them for general physical therapy.

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